Saturday, June 6, 2015

Are the Jedi Evil and the Sith Are Good?


  1. Neither, one side preaches violence the other takes kids from their parents instead of helping a gradually disintegrating society when they should be living amount the regular civilians instead of playing and assisting political mind games in the Senate!
    If anger eventually leads to the dark side so does doing nothing and staying around Coruscant after all had they been out there they might have noticed something wrong!

    1. I agree, plus, like i wrote before, Jedi over control feelings while Sith instead overpower them. Being instead in the middle is the right way, to me: control feelings but remaining humane.

  2. It doesn't make the Jedi evil that they want balance by destroying Dark Side users. Sith don't sit around and do nothing they are actively trying to enslave galaxies. The dark side drives Sith to dominate everything. Also, Jedi and Sith are not the only force users. Jedi and Sith just follow a certain Dogma. Nightsisters, Miraluka, Most Twi'lekks have some force ability blah blah blah. You are defined as evil through your actions and intentions. The will of the Dark Side is inherently evil and drives it's users to destroy and enslave. The light side is powerful when it's user is at peace and in emotional control. The Jedi protect and fight for peace, which the Sith seek to destroy. The Sith actively seek out Jedi to destroy them, they don't just mind their own business and then get whacked by some overzealous Jedi. Darth Sidious took years and years to gain followers and political power throughout the galaxy to do one 2 things. 1. Conquer the Republic. 2. Destroy the Jedi. BTW. Vader killed children when he stormed the temple. That is not the act of good and no Jedi would ever do such a thing and not be taken by the Darkside.

  3. I think that neither of them are fully good or evil, they are what they are. However removing emotion from the Jedi keeps the Jedi from full access of power That is why sometimes the dark side users seem to be better at using the force then the Jedi. That on is own does not make them good or bad.

  4. lol! I see what you are saying but...sith are not good, they may be popular right now but they are not good. the force is black and white and the dark side is evil. it is unnatural and is what unbalances the force. the light side is good, they restore balance to the force by destroying the dark side. there is no moral issues from killing sith because, unlike reality, sith are pure evil. even if a sith has never hurt anybody and is just sitting there eating some fruit it would be totally justified for a Jedi or anybody to walk up and cut its head off. it is not realistic, even a nazi deserves a fair trial, but a sith does not.

  5. I think the problem more than jedi good sith evil, is bad writing for the prequels, just that. They wanted to do them mysterious with profecies, the history of the republic, Darth Plaeguis, balance, etc. but it just created an incoherent set of plot points. That is why I don't over think it. For me jedi are good, sith are evil and there is no such thing as balance in the Force.

  6. Well if one things for sure, it's that Sith are far more prone to go looking for trouble or creating trouble, than trouble coming knocking at their door uninvited and cutting their heads off. I think the history of the Sith proves this with all their little cross-galaxy skirmishes and invasions. They need to relax with the whole enslaving thing and go down a notch on the schizophrenia meter too.

    Jedi are far too overzealous and dogmatic to have the right to be considered the be all end all of righteousness and good. They are blinded by their devotion to stop the Sith and their "evil plans", and bring balance to the force when they themselves don't even represent balance. The Jedi have proven this by being turned against and brought down by someone they trusted and trained, several times, while their worst enemy was right in front of them the whole time. They deserved everything they got in ep III, turning their backs on the one person that had done the most for them and who, besides being manipulated by palpy, was confused and needed help rather than his patience and devotion tested. They became suspicious of their most powerful and accomplished War Hero, treating him like an out of place Padawan when he held the balance of the Galaxy in his hands.

    Neither the Jedi or the Sith can ever achieve balance following their ways, as each are too polarized, positive and negative. Neither are completely right or wrong, good or bad, in my eyes both sides have done alot of good/bad and right/wrong things.

    I think balance will only come from a user of both sides, an unpolarized righteousness that understands both sides of the coin. Maybe this will never exist and balance will never be realized, and all their universe is is just anarchic chaos.

    I think the closest thing i've seen to a "Grey Jedi" so far is Anakin between the start of the clone wars and the moment he loses his sanity in ep III.
    I also think Mace Windu is evil as hell, like some twisted jedi police judge who must maintain order and second guess everything despite never seeing the real truth in anything. If his butt is still alive in ep VII then i hope it's had a humbling over these years. He was the biggest influence to the downfall of the Jedi of all the Jedi, because of his arrogance.

  7. All on perception one can be emotionally string and be a good person. One can logically strong but be a sell out. Perception on how your actuons portray you. Sith rule of two and the absolution of control creates peace. Jedi in numbers and always recruiting and enforce peace through image of power. But palpatine wanted control and peace but he violent means not only eliminate rivals but the jedi as well so he was fair on that. The jedi before destroyed allowed themselves to become soldiers more than peacekeepers and instead of arrest of notable characters killed them and are in agreement all sith must be destroyed. So its all how you perceive their actions and outcomes of actions. So neither side is good or evil it comes down to the individual. Vader in death chose to save his son. Is that not a good act? Yes sith spprentices kill their masters but usually not for good. Windu in his final moments even warned that its not jedi way also alterior motive by anakin chose to kill palpatine instead yes he failed but it was his choice.

  8. this person is absolutely wrong. balance in the force doesn't mean balance between the number of jedi against the number of sith. the dark side, by it's very nature, is chaotic. sith and chaos are one and the same. the sith code's first line is "peace is a lie". balance in the force means that there is no chaos or conflict, only the light side can do this. and if you think the sith stopped the clone wars and created galactic peace, I'm referring to peace in the force, not in the galaxy itself. also if we are to follow your premise that balance means the number of jedi and sith are equal, way more than 2 people survive the jedi purge. 30 jedi are accounted for after the jedi purge, and many more remained unaccounted for. so your entire argument is wrong. people who just watch the movies and think they know everything about star wars need to shut up and gtfo

  9. The idea of balance of the Force, a central tenet of the Jedi Order, referred to the ideal state in which the Force existed in nature, namely as the light side. According to Jedi dogma, the presence of the dark side corrupted and destroyed this natural balance, and the Jedi viewed it as their duty to restore it.