Sunday, September 20, 2015

Return of the Jedi - Rare Deleted Scenes [1080p HD]


  1. So, here are my thoughts:

    The first one should have made the final cut (The entirety of it from Vader to Luke), although reveals a bit much about the plan, which is pretty cool to not know about the first time you watch Episode VI. Although, I do like it and still believe it should be in the movie.

    The second was a bit much, and Star Wars isn't a movie for a loud sandstorm. The characters' voices should have been audible at least. The only subtitles I liked were Jabba's, although you could sometimes guess what he was saying.

    The third would have been great to be in the movie. I believe that should have made the final cut for a really cool side to the bunker assault. And I like the line, "You rebel scum!" "Scum?!"

    The fourth was really dry and I understand it's there to give depth to who gives orders to whom. With that being said, it was unimportant and didn't deserve the final cut.

    The fifth should have made it. It shows how dark the Emperor really is, and how unwilling his men are to blow up their own brothers. It gives the Imperials the audiences' sympathy. Sure it's another, "They're following orders," type of deal, but honestly, it's true. They were following orders because they were afraid of being killed by the Emperor.

    If the sixth and seventh weren't as dry and awkward as they were portrayed, then I would say it's important to keep in, but they would have needed to be cleaned up a bit. The seventh I would say would be the one I would pick out of the two.

    That's my personal take on it. I'm sad they didn't keep some of those scenes in, as I am a bid sad they didn't keep some from the previous two movies. However, running time is an unfortunate issue in movies. Honestly, some scenes interrupt the flow of the movie (as the ones I stated as dry did), others didn't seem to.

    1. Adam, these are unfinished clips that's why you can't hear the characters. The sound of the fans used on the soundstage are quite clear. Although I like the shots of Luke making the sabre this scene would have made me wonder why he went into a dusty, cramped hole in the ground to build it. Surely the Falcon would have made more sense? The novelisation had it in Kenobi's hut.

  2. Those poor Droids and Chewie! How did they ever get all that sand out of their gears and fur???

  3. The sandstorm scene was never finished. Everything we see here is just a rough working print. Had George decided to keep it all audio would have been scrubbed in favor of wind effects and ADR looping by Mark, Harrison, and Carrie. Had this been done I think it would have worked. But Lucas found a way to convey the same messages in less time in the finished film.

  4. I noticed that Luke's lightsaber has green and red diodes. This could be something as simple as green meaning it is ready and functional and red meaning it's not. Or just maybe, he has green and red crystals in his lightsaber just in case he decides that being good sucks and he wants to join Pops and Uncle Sidious on their quest for total domination of the universe! ............Join the Darkside, don't join the Darkside, join the Darkside, don't join the Darkside......