Friday, October 23, 2015

Star Wars Theory: Emperor Palpatine Killed Padme


  1. i thought all of this was common knowledge.

  2. If Palpatine could kill Padme with the Force he would have to feel her presence. Would he not also sense the presence of the new born children? If he did sense them he would have known they were a threat, like Obi Wan told luke. He had to know they were Anakins like Yoda did. Why would he allow them to live?

    1. I remember hearing or reading somewhere that to sense another particular individual is not exact and almost impossible at far distances unless you are very familiar with them, ie master/apprentice or friend/family. Which is why palp can sense Vader. And remember Palp worked with Padme for YEARS, first as Senator of Naboo while she was Queen, and then again When she is Senator while he is Chancellor. Which is why he could feel Padme, but possiblly not if the kids survived or not. Now I do think its pretty much fact he knew she was preggers and that they were Ani's. And I think he did fully intended to kill Padme, possibly before she gave birth just for the reason you said. Now did it fully happen the way Palp had foreseen it, not sure. he might have had to push up the killing of Padme when Ani was hurt to sustain him long enuff for the procedure to finish... or he could just have killed her with the force. I guess its also possible he let the kids live as possible replacements for his now broken/mostly machine apprentice.