Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Snoke IS Darth Plagueis - Why Episode 7 Confirms it


  1. there are some Dawn of the PLanet of the Apes images in your video

  2. Didn't Palpatine kill Plagueis 'as he slept'?

    1. Plagueis was able to cheat death. He stayed in hiding and let Palpatine do the dirty work.

  3. Didn't Palpatine kill Plagueis 'as he slept'?

  4. very sith seek always a way to survive or come back in a way, he was the one who could people bring back from the dead remember.

  5. Would the "reveal" that he is Plagueis mean much to the average moviegoer? No. But it would mean a lot to us longterm fans who suffered through the prequels.

    If Snoke is the old Sith lord, that would explain why he knows the dark side, the history, etc. Without that LINK, there would be no more "Darth" anything- I suspect that is exactly where its headed.

    He has cheated death, but in corporeal, as opposed to spiritual, form. This would be in direct contrast with the force ghosts. Another cool idea.

    I doubt he'd be one of the "Inquisitors" or other things from the cartoons or comics.

    Who is the only being more threatening than the Emperor? Why, the Sith who taught Palpatine, of course.

  6. I just can't take the name Snoke seriously at all.

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