Sunday, January 3, 2016

Even MORE The Force Awakens Easter Eggs

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  1. My latest bestest theory after seeing it 4x, 5 soon. Ray was given to Plutt on Jakku by Kylo/Ben. She was being trained as a Jedi with the rest by her dad so she was at the massacre. Kylo prevented her from being slaughtered bc he's not 100% Dark, he couldn't kill his niece. On his was to Snoke he dropped her off on the first rock he found, not intending her to live but not meaning to kill her himself. She knew about Rebels and was able to make the uniform doll bc she saw them as a child and they gave her comfort, you wouldn't find such anywhere but a rebel base. He was her family and she said she is waiting for such bc he dropped her off. The only time the force choke was employed was at mention of a strange girl mucking up the works aboard a ship like his dad's from Jakku. He didn't expect the ship but putting the numbers together and knowing how the Force works he had a very good idea that the child lived and who she is.