Friday, January 1, 2016

The Force Awakens: Every Easter Egg, Secret Cameo and Hidden Secret Unveiled!


  1. You missed the Mandalorian symbol on Maz's fortress

  2. Vast majority of these are less "Easter eggs" and more like you had a pulse and actually watched the movie and moderately paid attention. "I got a bad feeling about this" is less an obscure Easter egg, and more like a 30+ year-old catch-phrase. Congrats on 'discovering' it?

    At first the 'Force Awakens' Easter eggs posts were kinda cool, but now it seems like people are stretching things to try come off as clever and witty. A deeper dive into Rey's potential backstory could be interesting. General Hux, the seemingly 15 year-old general would be interesting. Supreme Leader??!! Relationship between the New Republic, Resistance, and First Order?? So much opportunity to try to contribute something new and insightful, but just not quite there. Sorry guys.