Saturday, March 5, 2016

Who Is Anakin's Father? - Star Wars Theory


  1. I was kind of all ready to tear your theory apart but, I have to admit, having watched your video - I really like it. The fact that Lucas left so much of his canon around this core story unanswered is lazy on his part and to have such a solid theory put forward - that binds this together - is hard to criticize.

    In the years since the prequels, I have often pondered the history of Shmi Skywalker and I really wish there was a more detailed backstory for her. This was one of Lucas' great failings I think because Shmi is treated merely as a vessel and her value as an individual is left wanting. Where was she born? Who were her parents? Was there any likelihood that her family had some connection to the first Jedi Temple on Ahch-To?

    She has never been a satisfactorily drawn character and I really wish she was.

    No, I appreciate your thoughts on this theory.

  2. Since the prequels came out I have always thought like Mother Mary having a virgin birth Anakin was also created by the dark side. It's the only explanation possible.
    That's why his midichlorians were off the chart, etc...

    After watching The Force Awakens and seeing Snork I immediately thought that Palapatine was either hiding the truth about Plageus the wise and that he was really alive. So this would make sense in many ways as to why Anakin and Padame died at the same time and became Darth Vadar.
    Palapatine didn't have the power to create life or take life so I am assuming Plageus was using the Dark side of the force to draw Padames life into Anakin to create Vadar.
    Like he created Anakin.

    It would be interesting to see In episode 8 or 9 for Snork to come out and mention creating Anakin in the past and Vadar and because that failed he has taken Kylo as the next way to defeat the light side.
    Eventually Love will conquer and Rey will bring Kylo back to the light side. Father couldn't do it in the past, had to be by the love of a woman.
    Now I'm totally jumping off topic but that's for another time.
    Please let me know what you guys think.

    Thank you for the video!!
    Amazing summary

  3. Star Wars is a modern day myth, why can you accept force ghosts, force powers etc. But a mythic birth can't happen?

    Anakin Skywalker has no father he truly was a creation of the force. A vergence in the force to bring balance. The Sith were a cancer eating away at the force, Anakin was the cure, the messianic being who destroyed the cancerous Sith and restored harmony(balance) to the force. Most of the info on this video comes from the Darth Plagueis novel, which is not canon.

  4. Nope! Wrong you are.

    Firstly, nothing in your "theory" is new information. Is mostly conjecture, with little actual evidence to support it. It's obvious the Sith pair had something to do with Anakin, but while it is possible for plageous to have created Anakin, I have a far more plausible theory with facts to back it up! Using the moments that don't make sense to make a full theory. It came to me by thinking of Rey, and who she really is.

    It's a better theory.

  5. You left me thinking about like really seriously I think i'm gonna dream on it
    Thanks excellent theory <3