Sunday, April 24, 2016

Episode 8: FULL PLOT LEAKED! HUGE RUMOR! Snoke and Rey's Parents!

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  1. Before the Awakening is a novel for 8-12 year olds and gives info on what Rey was doing before we meet her. Growing up on Jakku, a harsh world with hostile inhabitants, she had to learn early to defend herself. During her escape from Jakku with Finn she shows us how she uses her staff in combat. Going over to a lightsaber is therefore seamless. In Before it also explains how she salvaged parts to build a computer and taught herself how various aircraft operates.

    What shows her strength with the Force is when she calls for Luke's lightsaber and it goes to her and not Kylo Ren.

    The plot seems otherwise fairly likely, but the reincarnation bit seems ick. But since the mythology is based on Buddhism it seems probable.