Saturday, May 14, 2016

Episode 8 REVEALED: Where Luke Has Been This Entire Time


  1. I think all of the Jedi characters that have died in the previous episodes are helping Luke find the tree of fate, so that the new Jedi's can be properly trained. Remember, every Jedi must face their ultimate fear. "only then, a Jedi will you be." ~ Yoda

  2. Face the ultimate fear?! What Star Wars do you see?! Batman Wars?!
    FYI, a Jedi does not embrace fear, tries not even to deal with it. Although fear is a natural reaction, the jedi recognizes it's power to change reallity. When a Jedi fears, he must let go of that feeling, searching for the lighy inside that will drive the fear away (though hope, peace of mind, etc).
    There's no ultimate fear. All fear is the same, you either control it, or it controls you.

  3. He litterally quoted canon and you say NOPE! Come on fool

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