Tuesday, June 21, 2016

BIGGEST Qui-Gon THEORY Yet !! - Star Wars Theories Explained

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  1. Sorry but this is bogus. Completely.

    The Prequels went out of their way to say there could be ONLY 2 Sith after the big Sith War. If Quin Gon was a Sith he would bave had to have been working with Palpatine and wouldn't have fought Darth Maul.

    The thing you are forgetting is that George makes things up as he goes along. He didn't think of the Force Ghosts as a new ability only certain Jedi figured out how to do back when he was making the OT. In fact his original plan was for Obi Wan to come back to life in ROTJ and help Luke fight Vader and the Emperor. So when Anakin died he was just becoming a Force Ghost like every other Jedi did.

    When he was writing the Prequels he changes his mind and decided that it was a new thing because of his ideas of how Anakin thought it would be possible to save Padme.

    Qui Gon was a Jedi who didn't by into the stagnant buerocracy the Jedi had become. That's why he wasn't on the Council. He was a rebel to but he wasn't a Sith.