Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Can Sith Become Force Ghosts? (Canon) - Star Wars Explained


  1. one thing to be thought of though. vader could have ben a force ghost and could have talked to his grandson. he was at peace when he died , he even had a face ghost at the end celebration on endor. yes it was perpetrated as Skywalker but him and vader are the same

  2. Dont forget that jedi must first learn this abilitie an vader wasnt taught this.. he may simply be powerful enough to become a force ghost anyway vader/anakins ghost was a result of him being at piece knowing his children were safe an palpatine defeated when he died... revan returned also and he switched allegencies between light an dark more than once... i believe that sith can but only the most knowledgeble of sith just because canon stats if its not in film or interviening books for the films doesnt mean there isnt extracts from the legends history...