Friday, July 29, 2016

Every Wookiee Jedi and Sith from Star Wars - Star Wars Revealed

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  1. I flipped through THE Star Wars comic book, what the original story was gonna be before it became a movie. From what I saw, Endor was originally going to be on Kashyyyk, with Wookie Rebels taking the place of Ewoks and more competent Storm Troopers using some left over Trade Federation flying bikes and Tanks.
    Ya know, that would be cool. I would have preferred this to the silly battle on Endor.
    BUT with an EU as a "legend" that could still be used. If there was a TV show that was showing the events during or after those of the battle of Endor, but with a different group of Rebels fighting a different regiment of the Empire, I would like to see this original fight play out.
    I mean, imagine a TV show that decided to incorporate the original EU into what's now canon, they just change some details and make it take place in a different part of the same galaxy, with different characters and events that parallel them.
    I mean, it's canon that after the battle of Endor took place, individual planets launched respective rebellions against the empire the same way the USSR was overthrown. So, that would be cool.