Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Rogue One for Dummies


  1. I'm about done with the Prequel hatred. I'm going to stop following people that continue to trash it. Star Wars is Star Wars. Deal with it.

    1. but there is good star wars and bad star wars... the originals just so happen to be the better star wars... i dont care if you would unfollow me... if someone trashes the originals i will argue for why they are better than the prequels... you're just cowarding out of a fight because you know that you can't win...

    2. no no no, you're forgetting the real bad Star Wars..... the holiday special

    3. There are some bad Star Wars, yes. The han solo dancing thing on kinect for example and the infamous xmas holiday special. Avery Ward you are what's wrong with the Star Wars fanbase. Wish there was more people like Joshua Schell and less people like you. Anyone that trashes any SW movie should just piss off and watch something else. There is no debate, no arguments or pathetic bickering that you would apparently jump right on the bandwagon for, there is just Star Wars. If you like it, good! Join the rest of us fans :) if not, then go sit in your hole with all the other "true star wars fans".

    4. I agree prequel hatred is ridiculous and ruins things for everybody. I've always had the rule if you crap on star wars movies I'm done with you regardless of which movie it is. However the tv series, you can crap on that all you want.