Monday, August 1, 2016

The Lost Star Wars Movie We Never Got To See


  1. All through my childhood, I wanted a copy. Finally read it in my teens. Was so dissappointed.

  2. Well, if it's such a lost hit, incorporate it into a TV show like Star Wars Rebels. Life if there's a Tv show like Rebels, but it takes place between the original movies, this could be incorporated. Like the first season would be between Hope and Empire, and the 2nd season would be between Empire and Jedi, and the 3rd season? Afterwards. Rebels has already tried to do it's part to fill in the gap between 3 and 4, and Clone Wars tried to fill in the spaces between the prequels.
    So get the people behind Rebels and Clone Wars on board, make a CG or possibly anime, like with Rebels use some of the EU canon elements and alternative designs (alt storm trooper designs, Ralph McQuarri's vader which would have been samurai esque) to not only make something new but tag along much beloved elements of the EU into it.
    Naturally cuz I'm older, I wouldn't mind seeing this TV series have a bit more of an edge, not TV 14 bad but more than TV y7 or a mild pg. More violent and edgy than Star Wars Rebels or Young Justice, but not quite as rough as Full Metal Alchemist.
    But yeah, get the guy behind the 2D Clone Wars/Samurai Jack, the guys behind Rebels, and perhaps some individuals who took part in odd shows like Young Justice, Batman:TAS, or Avatar:Korra/Airbender to make something recognizable (if it ain't broke, don't fix it) while offering just enough seasoning of risky new stuff, so if it works, great, if not, it's just some off seasoning people can ignore.