Friday, October 28, 2016

Darth Plagueis During The Phantom Menace


  1. i have yet to read the plagueis novel, so i assume a lot of this information is played out in that, makes it more enticing to read. thanks for the info.

    1. Actually no, according to Ultimate Star Wars which is canon, Plagueis was killed by Sidious before he went to kidnap Darth Maul from Mother Talzin which means he was dead long before Phantom Menance and years before Anakin's birth which contradicts the Darth Plagueis lEGENDS Novel and puts into doubt his influence in Anakin's birth in canon.

  2. I think every chapter since Darth Bane until the phantom menace should be brought up in real live movies or even in animation just like the saga that started from episode IV down to episode I they should keep going back and let every fan enjoy the actions and thrills of this amazing saga