Saturday, October 29, 2016

George Lucas' Star Wars Episode VII Explained!


  1. prefer a lucas movie? I'd like to see it, but I would keep force awakens.

  2. George Lucas is a great film maker. But his skills lie in the ability to create magnificent visuals. The reason the prequels were poor, was the script. I loved the visuals. They were immersive. In the original trilogy, it was his wife in the background editing the films that helped to save them. Her skills in developing the characters and keeping a coherent story were what made Star Wars a success. I still feel that Force Awakens needed a lot more of Marcia Lucas's skill as an editor.

  3. Yes I'd prefer George s version. To think that we lost the Expanded Universe and characters like Ben Skywalker, the Solo twins, the Horn family, et al for a more modern episode four is a travesty to us die hards. I do like that Chewie lives. I'll give far that at least

  4. I thought TFA was a big disappointment. I really think that a story written by Lucas with a good dialogue writer and decent actors would have been way better. Lucas' weakness was his dialogue and even the original actors point this out trying not to insult. The biggest mistakes they made were not dealing with Luke's jedi academy and the hiring of JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan to write it. The story sucked and it was minimized effects and world building wise.

  5. Also, if you are going to kill Han Solo, have him do something heroic and take Chewie and the Falcon with him as a proper send off.

    1. What's more heroic than dying to try to save your son?

  6. What GL is good at is marketing. I'm sorry but he lost touch with his story building. He wanted to make toys and video games. I"m actually mostly OK with this because that change for GL started before the prequels - you can see it taking shape in Empire - which is often regarded as the best SW film. But GL didn't direct that film. He didn't even write it. Irvin Kershner made that film epic with his direction and Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan made the screenplay legendary. It was built off an masterplan made by Lucas long before filming started. The best example that I can see as to how GL lost touch with his story was the introduction of midichlorians. The single most devastating fabrication to long time Star Wars fans. He fell down the rabbit hole of modern movie making that says we need to explain everything. With the mystery stripped out of The Force - the most core and fundamental story element in the SW universe - you start to see other ways that GL casually threw wrenches in the Star Wars mythos throughout the prequels - but maybe it even starting earlier than EP1, I think it started with Jedi. GL took back most of his creative control for EP6. He was a co-screenwriter. I've seen an interview with Richard Marquand where he states that he was really more of an assistant director. When you see set pictures of Marquand he's always giving actor direction. When you see set photos of GL, he's behind the camera, holding a megaphone, or sitting in the director's chair.

    The prequels were a huge marketing success and a huge box office success. But as they age, even the lovers are starting to see how the prequels don't match the original trilogy in raw feeling and development. They aren't bad films, but they aren't great Star Wars films either. I often think that if GL had given away the job of Director to someone else and kept control of marketing, the prequels would have been over the top and untouchable by the MCU movies as far as box office take.

    I feel the same way about the new trilogy. If you can ride GL's original story and vision out, give him Marketing control, but let more creative people that care about story/script/plot/development/canon control the direction of the trilogy, it would be another epic phenomenon in it's own right. As its sits, The Force Awakens rode to success on the laurels of the franchise - it was fun and marketable but the New Hope rehash moments were supremely disappointing while the new characters and material were fantastic and fun.

    So yeah, I think the GL prequels and sequels would have been better - just not if GL actually made them.