Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Boba Fett Movie We Never Got


  1. Jesus God. PLEASE stop talking. That, or use ANY bit of dynamics in your speech. Inflections...emotion...pauses...rising/falling tones...the list is endless, and still you sound more robotic than EV-9D9.

  2. With that out of the way, Josh Trank blows, so it's really not all THAT bad that Boba Fett's been delayed. You're right in that he'd be better employed as a key villain-turned-teammate-turned-villain again (that's what I envision a solid storyline going like).

    Also, you know that Disney kinda f*cked themselves when they struck the EU from their available source material, considering it had leagues of breathtakingly-involved, ancient stories about the Old Republic and before (Tales of the Sith/Jedi? KOTOR I and II? Man). So I'm POSITIVE they're just sitting around trying to figure out just how they're supposed to come up with all new storylines of the beginning when it'd all just come across as derivative and underwhelming.