Saturday, December 31, 2016

Carrie Fisher's Legacy - Star Wars Episode 9 & Digital Princess Leia


  1. Let's see what role she has in episode 8 before deciding about 9...And I'm sure Kathleen Kennedy and gang will work it out...It's not like they will be filming 9 tomorrow...I would think they could have the general go out in a blaze of glory as part of 9.

  2. You have to look beyond her chemical dependency. Stimulent addictions are more tied with heart attacks. That was so far in the past that it would be a minor factor. We could look at her diet and yo yo weight gain then loss. Or the fact that she did electro shock therapy to treat the dispersive episodes of her bipolar disorder. That could stress ones heart as well. The main thing to look at was her resiliency with dealing with all of her life issues. She appeared to have a level of acceptance and sense of humor that most of us could not have. Let's not define her on these deviates but the strengths that she passed on to the world.