Monday, December 26, 2016

What if Mace Windu Trained Anakin Skywalker?

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  1. After the events padme embraces the dark side and trains in way of the sith. Luke willing to be like his father, he wants to be the next dark lord and fully follows and watches his father very closely. Leia is more resistant refusing to follow the ways of the sith, at a old age Leia escapes the death star and joins the rebellion in the hope of stopping her family from conquering the galaxy. Though Leia with her powers she never knew she constructed her own lightsaber and went to meet and confront her brother Luke on korriban. However Leia was able to defeat Luke in battle and made herself a target by her own father vader. Leia successfully went onto defeating the emperior and finally confronts her father on the death star. After a long duel Leia defeats her father and ends the threat of the sith. With the help of the rebellion the death star is destroyed, but there's something Leia wasn't sure about. That was, was her mom padme present on the death stars destruction or did she escape. If so the threat of the sith is not over yet.