Saturday, December 3, 2016

WHY Did Obi Wan Lose to Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones?


  1. there comes a time in your martial arts training that you become your own fighter due to personal training and experiences that you teacher does not give you. using your theory of a copy of a copy is less as good would also mean that the original sword fighter was the best this means that yoda is super weak as the force was supposed to always have existed. but because this is not true yoda can be one of the best fighters and anakin is able to overpower duko as shown later. however having a strong knowledge in the form 2 is a good point.

  2. First off I don't know that dooku handled yoda in episode 2. He wouldn't have ran if he did. Second, I agree with Nathan's points. Third, it was a matter of styles. Obi-wan was a stud fighter (dispatched maul, grievous, and Vader). Book three stated he might have been the best form 3 fighter ever. Form 3 just isn't a match for the elegance and subtlety of a form 2; however, form 2 can't handle the power of a form 5 or a form 7. Dooku would have been lit up by mace.